The Hebrew word for prayer – tefillah – means to connect. Meaningful prayer strives to create a deep emotional bond with God and a heightened awareness of His presence in our lives. Our Pop Up Prayer is designed for such spiritual rich experiences. They contain the following features:

  • Kavanah: theme-centred prayer
  • Niggun: soulful hasidic melodies
  • Hitbonenut: meditation & reflection

Pop Up Prayer visits different neighbourhoods over Shabbat. It is hosted in private homes and it is open to the public. Join us for a unique and uplifting prayer experience.

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The Midrash states: ‘More than the giver does for the receiver, the receiver does for the giver.’ ‘Giving’ is hierarchical, ‘Sharing’ is reciprocal. The Midrash inspires us to see all forms of Tzedakah as ‘Sharing.’A Judaism that is exclusively inward facing can become self-indulgent and irrelevant. We aim to harness our positive spiritual and religious experiences to practical action by sharing with others.

Share your resources; time, energy and skills through our various pop up projects bringing benefit to others and helping repair God’s ruptured world.

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The study of Torah is central to the life of a journeying Jew. The Talmud (Hagigah 3a) states that there is no Bet Midrash without Hidush, meaning that there is no study session that does not inspire fresh thinking. Torah is what anchors us to our past, guides our present and helps us imagine a better future. We have designed flexible pop up learning opportunities for those who want to incorporate regular Torah study into their lives.

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