Our guiding principles are set out in our manifesto; Journeying Judaism.

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Innovation Hothouse

In order to keep our thinking fresh and responsive to emerging needs and trends we maintain an incubator where we test new ideas. The following ideas are in their beta testing phase and we hope to roll them out in the not too distant future.

Torah Lab

Integrated family learning of Jewish values through art and play

The Tabernacle Ensemble

Bringing together musicians, vocalists and storytellers to create rich and spiritually nourishing Jewish experiences.

Shul for Agnostics

Rather than assume God’s existence, this service invites agnostics to wrestle head on with the very notion of God and to explore its relevance in a postmodern word.

Torah on the Go

A highly condensed five minute Torah study session available at hot spots throughout London.

Culture Vultures

Harnessing visual and performing art to Jewish learning.